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The digital transformation of refrigerators

Imagine, even in refrigerator products, there is a digital transformation. It’s something we all have at home and use often, so why shouldn’t these also get a boost of digital innovations and improvements? LG is one of those who are investing heavily and most recently also won an award for its concept around InstaView and Door-in-door.

Personally, I’m a little thoughtful about the Door-in-door thing, but to be able to look into the fridge without having to open it, I am “all in” on. So my next fridge should easily have a window! Understand that they had to find some way to “light up” and “turn off” the window, but you can wonder if knocking is the best way though. If I were to sit on the sofa at home, for example, and then the children would squat and knock on the fridge, I would easily think that there was a knock on the front door! Maybe a habit but I would rather do a light swipe right / left instead of tapping.

Credit: LG

Then LG can take and tone down some notch on the commercials, check out below where they really go all in to do some kind of comedy that on the whole really just feels completely strange and where the refrigerator itself kind of comes at the end when you might already tired of the movie after 20 seconds…

Then, of course, there are more than LG who are investing in changing one of our dear favorites in the kitchen. Find below as a form of list of top-5 refrigerators in 2020, so if you go in the buying tanks, I think you should make sure that steak up the digital in your next fridge.

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