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The headphones that translate the call in real time

The headphones that translate the call in real time

The first time I saw something similar was some kind of “proof-of-concept” during a TED talk. I do not fully remember the context but I do remember the “wow” feeling. The field of application is enormous and if technology holds the measure, it can really be revolutionary for relationship building worldwide. Timekettles WT2 Edge can be on all lips in a year or so when everything has opened their eyes to them.

Imagine a scenario in front of you where you might be sitting in a meeting at work with people from several different countries where everyone speaks their local languages ​​and everything is translated in real time. Accuracy of up to 95% with various techniques for capturing sound and reducing noise means that the quality is good. If we look at the technology behind it, we can imagine that Timekettle has built its own translation engine that runs its race, but in reality the innovation is built on all the biggest on the market today (in addition to Timekettle’s small own box) as translation engines from Google, Microsoft , DeepL, iFlytek, AmiVoice and Hoya. Really smart!

It is currently an Indiegogo project that is looking for more backing, but already these headphones can translate in real time during a conversation 40 different languages ​​and 93 different accents. It’s cool and a big step forward from the little test case I saw a few years ago (maybe it was just these of course ..). The baking has been good and production is currently underway for full mugs. And they are already noticed in various channels as known Mashable who just recently made a new push in its technical sweep.

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