The iPhone 12 recently made Apple the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world

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Towards the end of last year, Apple became the largest smartphone maker in the world. Samsung normally subscribes to this position, but the South Koreans recently suffered heavy losses. At the same time, sales of the iPhone have jumped sharply.Apple became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world at the end of 2020: In Q4 2020, no company worldwide sold more devices, based on a current one estimate the market researcher from Gartner. According to this, Apple was able to sell around 80 million iPhones in Q4 2020, which corresponds to an increase of around 10 million devices compared to the same period of the previous year or an increase in its global market share of around 15%. At the same time, Samsung had to accept a significantly lower demand for its models.
The South Koreans were able to deliver around eight million fewer units worldwide in the fourth quarter, which corresponds to a decrease in the global market share of around 11.8%.

The iPhone 12 drove sales up

According to Gartner, the iPhone 12 was particularly important for the extremely strong sales figures for the iPhone. Never before have so many users updated their iPhones.
The new, improved cameras and the new 5G support have made consumers around the world reach for the new iPhone 12, especially in China and other Asian markets, consumers had been waiting for an iPhone with 5G for a long time. Even if more cautious consumer behavior is still widespread due to Corona, the iPhone 12 was able to motivate so many users to buy.

Global Smartphone Sales Q4 2020 - Infographic - Gartner

Global Smartphone Sales Q4 2020 – Infographic – Gartner

This can also be seen when looking at the overall market: around 12.5% ​​fewer smartphones were sold worldwide in 2020 than in the same period of the previous year, only Apple and Xiaomi were able to increase their sales among the top 5 in the world.

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