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The new commercial “Cook” will show how durable the iPhone 12 is

The new commercial "Cook" will show how durable the iPhone 12 is

Apple has released a new commercial.
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In the film, the manufacturer highlights the iPhone 12 as a really durable mobile phone that can handle everything from being dropped on the floor to being rinsed under water.

The commercial was uploaded to Apple’s official YouTube channel on Friday. In the video, we see how a man stands in the kitchen and cooks – in an energetic way to say the least that makes his phone go both here and there.

The video is called short and simple “Cook”And the focus is on highlighting how durable the iPhone 12 is against everything from blows and shocks, to liquids and other nuisances.

More spill and splash resistant than ever. Ceramic Shield, tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone ”

The song in the commercial is Sauce by Naïka. During the film, we see how an iPhone 12 is dropped to the floor, shaken, rinsed under water, hits the screen first on the table and lands in a sink.
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The man in the video also drops a pepper mill on the screen.

And of course, the iPhone 12 withstands everything no matter how simple. Not a scratch on either the screen or the shell around. Good there Apple.

This is just one of many commercials where Apple highlights various features of the iPhone 12 series. We have previously seen videos about Dolby Vision for video recording, integrity and much more.

Apple also continues its popular “Shot on iPhone” campaign, which highlights the cameras, both for photography and video recording.


What is the name of the song for the commercial Cook from Apple?

The song in the commercial “Cook” is Sauce by Naïka.

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