The password manager Drobox Passwords will be released in a free version – available from April

After the popular password manager LastPass announced heavy restrictions on the functionality of its free version, the competitors have worked hard to offer better alternatives.

Among other things, Dropbox, which released the password manager Passwords as added value for its paying subscribers. A password manager that will be released in a limited free version.

Dropbox Passwords was introduced in 2020 and is based on technology from Valt, a company that Dropbox bought the year before.

In the new free version, users can store up to 50 login details. Anyone who wants to be able to save more than that must upgrade their account to Plus or Family. The cost is 10 euros and 17 euros per month respectively.

In addition to storing passwords, you can use Passwords to create secure passwords, synchronize the login information across multiple devices and of course have everything securely encrypted with Dropbox.

Important to point out is precisely the synchronization. Because it’s something like LastPass removed for its free version. So that Dropbox Passwords added just that hardly feels like a coincidence.
Or what do you think?

Dropbox Passwords is a great addition for existing Dropbox users who already pay monthly for the cloud storage service. We recommend to everyone else instead Bitwarden, which is perhaps the market’s best LastPass alternative right now.

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