The telecommunications companies’ customer services are investigated by the Swedish Consumer Agency

Telebolagen – var god dröj

The customer services of the leading telecommunications companies do not measure up.

This is the opinion of the Swedish Consumer Agency, which calls the companies to meetings to rectify the problems.

The Swedish Consumer Agency has examined a large proportion of the notifications received by the telecommunications companies in Sweden and states that The problems that consumers experience are primarily related to the companies’ respective customer service.

– There is a great deal of frustration about how these companies’ customer service works, or rather does not work. You get different answers, you are promised that the problem is solved, but then it turns out that the same problem persists. It is clear that people are upset, says Hevi Aziz, a lawyer at the Swedish Consumer Agency.

Wrong agreements and difficult to arrive at

The complaints concern, among other things, difficulties in getting in touch with the customer service and that invoices continue to be sent out despite agreements being terminated via the customer service. The Swedish Consumer Agency also highlights problems with sales agreements that customers have entered into by telephone not matching the subsequent confirmation.

The authority is now inviting representatives from the leading telecommunications companies (see list below) to meetings where the large number of applications is to be discussed.

– Now we expect the companies to listen to what their customers state in reports to us and improve both routines and availability, says Hevi Aziz in a press release.

The review includes the following telecommunications companies / brands:

  • Telia
  • Halebop
  • Three
  • Raspberry
  • Telenor
  • Swarm
  • Tele2
  • Comviq

KO up to fight against Telia, Tele2 and Tre

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