The unique death –

The unique death -

We learn early in life that we are unique individuals. With the advancement of technology, this is something that has accelerated in today’s Western society and nowadays it is clear that this with being unique and a little better than mediocre has almost taken over. We see it in black and white as we quickly glide around the internet among thousands of blogs, social media and Youtube accounts and in recent years also in the podcast world. Every second person thinks that they are so unique that they have realized that their personality and life story is something that the large masses both want and must take part in.

Privacy and integrity, oh what is it really – here we share everything between heaven and earth, high and low. Anytime – however. Everything from intimate details from the bedroom to thoughts and reflections on life in general or a funny story about the youngest child’s last toilet visit.

But are we really that unique? Do our lives really have such interesting content that strangers want to take part in our lives and listen to what we have to say?

No. We are not interested in what you ate for dinner, how long you spent at the gym or the walk by the lake next to your cottage, how cute your dog looks when it lies down at your feet on the couch or the latest purchase for your already oh so perfect Instagram-friendly living room. We are also not interested in listening to two friends in a 30-year crisis who think that their giggling conversations and life philosophies over a bottle of red howl are so exciting that it only has to be wired out to the public in the form of a podcast episode once a week.
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We do not understand your internal jokes and no – you are neither controversial nor wild and crazy.
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It is absolutely fantastic that there is the possibility that people can more easily reach out with their thoughts and reflections on one thing or another – that people can find like-minded people and inspiration for their interests or find answers to their questions in both image and sound form. . But at the same time, we must somehow keep that place open for those who actually have something meaningful to say for real and not fill the flow with a lot of bullshit from people who have imagined that the world wants to listen to their everyday lives and bland non-questions. . Important opinions, individuals, thoughts and ideas disappear in the noise when there is so much shit that takes up most of the place.

Those who yawn and scream the loudest are most visible. But do these gap necks really have anything meaningful to say?

I believe that this type of attention-seeking and longing to be unique and be seen and heard on public platforms, is rooted somewhere in a fear of death. Only here do more or less almost everyone who thinks they are so unique fall away. Because if you are so unique, how come you have the same fears as the rest of the world? We are all born, live and die. It is what we do with the time in between that matters and is important. And for whom we do it and for what purpose. That with dignity and carefully selected activities based on knowledge and the pursuit of becoming the best individual you can become in this life for yourself and perhaps even your loved ones – it is to be unique. To have a special gift or talent that helps to promote the quality of life for others and share it with a non-profit purpose – it is to be unique.

Because everyone is so afraid of death, we come to the next point. Death is coming, it is inevitable. And therefore I think that many people have realized that they must make their voices heard and preferably also become “known”. Many want to leave something behind, make an impression on the world. Sure, you might be the next Michael Jackson or Astrid Lindgren, I’m not saying that. If you have talent, you have talent and it comes to the surface in one way or another. But the rest will fall into oblivion the same day that death occurs. And we must come to terms with this thought without any anxiety or panic. For whom do we really live? Us ourselves or someone else?

What’s interesting about this is that everyone wants to be unique, but still everyone is so incredibly afraid of dying. How is it really? We all have the same fear of something that we will all experience. We are born and we die. All living things are designed this way. In the end, our days are numbered and we die. This is also part of human design and everything else living here on earth. This is the natural course of life. But man is, nevertheless, terrified of the inevitable.

Could it have something to do with man’s inability to see us as a species as part of the circle of life? That our ego has put us on some kind of imaginary pedestal?

Therefore, I think we humans have begun to fill our days with a lot of made-up nonsense and nonsense to give our lives meaning – this has unfortunately made many of us completely stop living. We have become so attention-hungry and dependent on making our voices heard and exposing our lives to everything and everyone, being liked by everything and everyone, comparing ourselves with the neighbor, buying as nice expensive stuff as possible and going on holiday to all sorts of places we can imagine. All our time is spent raising money to afford this, so we get a job that takes up most of our time to do something for someone else. In the evening, we sit at home with the phone and try to be seen and heard on social media just so that someone will listen to us – think that we are unique and important and interesting.

But we are really just afraid to die. We have had such a longing to fill our lives with as much as possible just to have time to do as much as we can before we finally fall asleep for good. We believe that we fill our lives with meaning and that we are unique – but we are not.

Unfortunately, so many of us live in fictional notions of what life should be like. We exist, but we do not live. Our fear of death is like a single long consumption marathon where the biggest, best and most beautiful win and we run through life hoping to catch up as much as possible until the inevitable happens and we realize – that we did not actually live a single day in our life.

Martin Nilsson, The unique death

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