Things You Should Know About Noyafa NF-911C  Fiber Optic Power Meter Tester

NF-911C Fiber Optic Power Meter Tester

The Noyafa NF-911C is an advanced optical power meter tester that provides lightning-fast measurements for fiber optics.Here we will tell you about fiber optic power meter. It features the Noyafa patent-pending technology that dramatically reduces test time, making it one of the most cost-effective testers on the market.

The NF-911C is perfect for testing both outside plant and in-plant fiber-optic networks. We often see power meters in our everyday lives and never think about them. The Noyafa NF-911C fiber optic power meter tester is a device that can measure the power of an optical signal and measure attenuation. You can use this tool for lower power levels, perfect for digital communications networks.


The Noyafa NF-911C optical power meter tester is a small, compact device for technicians and engineers specialized in fiber optic and similar applications. Technical specs include:

·         Measurement range: 1 to 9001 mW (milliwatts)

·         Analog output signal: 3 – 5V DC

·         Output timing: 4 times per second; measured with the last one.

·         Accuracy: +/-0.

·         They design Noyafa Fiber Optical Power Meter Tester to measure optical power precisely.

·         It is an ideal instrument for testing fiber cable systems at installation or maintenance sites.

·         The meter provides measurements in dBm, dBmV, decibels (dB), milliwatts (mW), microwatts (uW), and nanowatts (nW).

·         This compact tool can measure up to -90dBm or -5dBmV with an accuracy of +/-1dB.

·         Noyafa Fiber Optical Power Meter Tester supports audio tone generation and compression to test loss within a system.

·         You can then calibrate the unit or check that your cables perform well by using it at both ends of the link.

·         The cable tester suppliers make it from fiber attenuation filters, which let you test for signal loss in cables, connectors, and adapters.


·         These optical power tester meters provide Noise output levels to allow for better detection in noisy environments.

·         The NF-911C power meter tester is a highly accurate optical power meter.

·         With the NF-911C, it’s easy to measure the input signal in dBm by simply connecting to the output of any device with an optical port.


·         Expensive

Why should you use the Noyafa NF-911C fiber optical power meter tester?

Noyafa NF-911C optic power meter tester is a suitable device you can use for your communication needs. It is a compact and lightweight model that can be carried anywhere with you. The Noyafa NF-911C fiber optical power meter tester can measure and calculate optical power and distance of transmission in FS (full-duplex) mode. It also comes with a numerical keypad for convenient data input and tracking.

Final words

The Noyafa NF-911C fiber optic power meter analyzes the power levels of a transmitter and receiver. This device is an excellent tool for manufacturers to quickly find out if there is a problem with their transmitter or receiver. The NF-911C is a powerful, accurate instrument that you can use to measure fiber optic power. In just one measurement, the NF-911C accurately measures the strength of the optical signal from 10dBm to -65dBm.

It is a highly sensitive meter with a range of 0.1 dB with a resolution of 0.01dB with a response time of 5ms and input voltage ranges from 4.5V – 22V DC.a

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