Tips to Choosing between leather and fabric for your lounge upholstery and covering it with chaise lounge covers

With so many choices available in fabrics for your lounges, why should you choose leather? 

Fabric vs Leather is a debate that has gone on for decades. Considering the durability, comfort and ease of maintenance factors when choosing between fabric and leather makes it easy to decide which the right choice is. The benefits of using leather over fabric are apparent when considering longer term costs. Using quality materials in conjunction with custom chasing will give you years of use, comfortable seating and coverings that continue to look well after extended periods of wear. 

How long can fabric last without breaking down? 

Even under ideal conditions, fabric chaise lounges will not last beyond 8 to 10 years. This is due to the fact that most fabrics are made from acrylic or polyester. These materials can heat up in direct sunlight during summer months and become brittle when exposed to the sun’s UV rays over extended periods of time. Fabric chaise lounge covers will ultimately tear or crack where they are stitched together. The chaises themselves are not built to withstand extensive amounts of use either. If you have children, pets or heavy adults who may lean back on them chaise lounges are not designed for long term use. 

What happens when your chaise lounge cushions wear out?

If you already own chasing than its likely that your cushions are wearing out. The chaise lounge covers will begin to fade, tear and lose their volume after years of wear. If you are looking for chaises that could last for many years the cost of replacing the chaise lounge cushions in fabric chaises is not practical when compared to using leather chaises with chaise lounge covers.

Does Leather make a good choice over Fabric? 

Leather chaise lounges come in many variations between different types of upholstery and construction methods. Suffice it to say that top grain leather built into chasing is better than synthetic materials used by other manufacturers. Leather has an amazing property where it actually gets stronger when stressed or pulled apart during normal use. Property explains why fine Italian dress shoes are made with leather soles. Leather chaises will outlast fabric covers chaise by far. Even top grain leather chaise lounge covers can last for 20 years or more under normal conditions.

Leather chaise lounges will not crack, fade or tear like fabrics creating chasing. To keep your chaises looking new you should consider keeping them covered to prolong the life of the leather and other materials used in their construction. There are many types of materials used in covering chasing for decoration and protection against water, heat and moisture along with reducing sun damage to the chaises themselves. Using custom chaise lounge covers for your lounges is a simple way to protect your investment while still maintaining great looks. If you already own an expensive chaise lounge or chaise lounges with chaise lounge covers consider protecting what you have. If chaise lounge covers were not used for chaises originally, the chaise would likely be a lot cheaper due to materials and labor costs involved in creating chasing from scratch.


How often should chaise lounge covers be replaced?

There is no set time limit on chaise lounge covers since they vary in quality and construction. In general, chaise lounges with chaise lounge covers that are used several times a day from dawn to dusk will need new chaise lounge covers every 3 years or so. If you have leather chaise lounges then using chaise lounge covers is a must to prolong the life of your investment while still maintaining great looks. How much do custom chaise lounge covers cost? 

Prices for replacement chaises vary greatly depending upon size, style and design of chaises. A good rule of thumb would be $300 per cover plus lace if lace trim is desired. Remember chaise lounge covers are necessary to prolong chaise life during periods of direct sun exposure.

Do chaise lounge covers come in different colors? 

Yes, chaise lounge covers can be ordered in many different colors to match the chaises you have or you’re decorating needs. 

How much sun exposure should chaise lounges have before using chaise lounge covers? 

It is recommended that chaises without chaise lounge covers be used 3-5 days a week at most with direct sunlight between 10 am and 4 pm. When this cannot be done then chaise lounge cover are needed to protect chaises from fading, cracking or splitting due to the natural frequency of the fibers under UV radiation. 


In general chaise lounge covers should be used with chaise lounges to prevent damage from the elements. Using chaise lounge covers prevents fading, cracking and splitting of chaises when exposed to direct sun over a period of time. Over the long run, it is more economical to have chaise lounge covers fitted to your chaises than replacing them due to sun damage. All custom made chaise lounge covers are not created equal so make sure you get a reputable company who can deliver a quality product that fits properly before committing your money in replacement chasing for your chaises or chaises without chaise lounge covers.

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