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Two screens for Google Meet – lots of news for Workspace

Google has updated Workspace with a range of news and features. One of the more appreciated improvements is that the Meet video service finally works with two screens.

  • Lots of news for the desktop and mobile version of Google Meet
  • Picture-in-picture support and dual screens for Meet
  • Workspace Essentials gets new features

Google has improved Workspace with a whole host of news and improvements. This is the biggest upgrade of the service since Workspace changed its name from G Suite in October last year.

The absolute biggest news is that Google Meet can finally be used with two screens.
This makes it much easier to present the screen and at the same time see everyone who participates in the meeting.

Another news for Google Meet is that the mobile app supports picture-in-picture, also called BiB or PiP. You can thus minimize the window to just a small box on the screen and see what is going on while you do other things.

The Google Meet app has also been supported for split screen, also called split screen, on some models. Perfect if you have a mobile phone with a really big screen and want to do two things at the same time.

Now you can also activate a focus mode called Focus Time. When active, the number of notices displayed on the screen is minimized.

Finally, we can mention that it is easier than ever to share your position and time zone with colleagues and Workspace Essentials finally supports Chat, Jamboard and Calendar. The latest news makes Workspace Essential a little more competitive and clearly more useful than before.

Google has an excellent blog post called Building the future of work with Google Workspace where all the news is detailed in a really good way.

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