watchOS 7.4 Beta 3 is here

Apple releases watchOS 7.2 for all users

Apple released watchOS 7.4 Public Beta 3 for volunteer testers tonight. The new beta can now be downloaded and installed by all interested testers. The new public beta follows two weeks after the release of the previous test version. Apple also made the third public beta of watchOS 7.4 available to all volunteer testers tonight.In order to be able to load and install watchOS 7.4 Public Beta 3, the Apple Watch must be on the charger, the battery of the watch must be charged to at least 50% and the Apple Watch must be connected to the same WLAN that is used by the paired iPhone becomes.

The new update for the Apple Watch will be available to all users in a few weeks

Apple had made the third beta available to registered developers at an earlier point in time. In our corresponding article read her details about the upcoming innovations.

Apple will be making watchOS 7.4 available for download as a free update to all users in a few weeks’ time.

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