We’re giving away an iPhone 12 Pro Max

We're giving away an iPhone 12 Pro Max

Today is Christmas Eve. And for the vast majority of people, health and tranquility in everyday life are more important than any material gift that one can imagine. This also includes all Apple products that, on the other hand, seem like nothing. Nevertheless, we would like to thank you for your loyalty this year and a hardware product is very suitable for the raffle. We thought we’d go all-in and give someone in front of you our iPhone 12 Pro Max, which we have in the editorial office for testing.

With this in mind: Good luck with our little Christmas competition, good health to you and your loved ones and a Merry Christmas from the whole team!

Attention to all fast participants: It can take a few minutes for your comment to be displayed. So please only comment once! 🙂


Our sponsor: BandWerk

Our well-preserved test device, which our dear colleagues from BandWerk made available to us, is being raffled off. At this point a big thank you goes to BankWerk!

They have been posing for many years high quality accessories for Apple products here. The Company from Munich has the focus on Leather bracelets for the Apple Watch, which we find here on have already tested several times. These include a number of limited-edition tapes where BandWerk does Leather from old Porsches, Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghinis used.

In addition, our colleagues have recently added extremely high-quality, handmade leather cases for all new iPhones in their range:

The new Artline collection from BandWerk!


We would also like to briefly introduce the brand new Artline series from BandWerk: This collection honors the life of street artist Keith Haring with his unmistakable style on the highest quality Italian leather, handmade in Italy! Feel free to stop by the shop to browse through the various ribbons.

The new Artline collection

The BandWerk bracelets are packaged in extremely high quality!


This is how you can win the iPhone 12 Pro Max!

One is raffled iPhone 12 Pro Max in black with 128 GB. The device has already been unpacked and booked and tested by us for a few days and already has some signs of use on the display.
Otherwise it looks like new.

The lottery running I agree one week. As always, participation is very easy with us: We hold the competition completely in our own four walls. So you just have to be an apple page reader and leave a nice comment here under the article: How long have you been reading us and where are you from? What do you like about Apfelpage and are you already listening to our Apfelplausch Podcast? Please write something like that in, we would be interested! You can also say thank you to BandWerk, they are of course happy!

Comments work equally in the app and on the website. No liking, sharing and following is necessary. But of course we would be happy if you share the competition with other colleagues and family.

Attention: It can take a few minutes for your comment to be displayed. So please only comment once! 🙂

Competition at a glance

  • price: 1x iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 GB in black (unpacked, used 1 week, minimal signs of use)
  • participation: nice comment under this article
  • Running from: now
  • Ends at the: December 31, 2020 11:59 pm
  • conditions: Entering the correct e-mail address is a prerequisite for establishing contact, duplicate comments are excluded, insults and defamations are disqualified. Stay nice, we all have a common hobby here! 🙂

Thank you Thanks again to BandWerk. Please visit their shop after participating:

Thanks to BandWerk!

Note: Double participation as well as legal recourse are excluded. All employees and friends of employees of WakeUp Media GbR (Falkensee) are excluded from participation. We will announce the winner in a week.

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