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Good morning together on another day in #Flockdown! The frost still has a firm grip on Germany. In the south, too, the early spring is gradually giving way to icy cold, but for now let’s make ourselves comfortable with a look at the relevant news from the last 24 hours – with the first hot coffee of the day.

Tim Cook is a capable boss for Apple and has run the company well for the past ten years, hardly anyone doubts that today. The “Everything was better with Steve” shouts have only slowly become quieter over the years, but only a few would currently deny the competence of the current Apple management. A new in-depth look at Cook’s governance was recently published on Bloomberg, which we bring you have summarized here.

This once again makes it clear how numerous the skills are that are bundled in the current Apple CEO.

Who Wants to Build Apple’s Car?

The answer is: probably not that many. Because Apple is a threat to the big carmakers, an Apple Car could only too quickly dilute a VW or Daimler’s own brand core, which may have been the last let the talks between Apple and Hyundai fail. On the other hand, there are also good reasons not to stand aside when Apple builds a car, here you read more about how an analyst see it.

The modems of the future

The iPhone 14 may get a real turbo 5G modem: It should bring up to ten Gbit / s in the downlink to the customer. Admittedly, this is currently pretty irrelevant for pretty much all users worldwide, even in Asia the networks are only that fast in the laboratory, but the new modem chip that Qualcomm presented yesterday has other qualities, more here.

In short

What else was important

Sonos seems to be working on a new speaker. It’s flat and portable and could be a kind of smart speaker for on the go. When it will be launched and at what price is still completely open. What we know you read here.

The iPhone 12 was more important than climate change.

What do you say about it? Apple propagates this like hardly any other big tech company Fight against global climate change. However, when the punctuality of your own products is at stake because a pandemic is upsetting the entire global economy, things look a little different. The pressure gets even worse when it comes to launching the most important product of the year. Read more about it herehow Apple solved this problem.

The Mac will become more secure and will load properly again.

Apple recently released another update for macOS Big Sur. Version 11.2.1 not only solves a loading problem on the Mac, it does the same also safer, which should be an absolutely good reason for you to download the update immediately.

I wish you a nice Wednesday and remain with frosty greetings!

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