What Is Microsoft AZ-104 Exam and Can You Pass It with Practice Tests?


Those intending to execute, manage, and monitor the Microsoft Azure surrounding of an organization must bear the proper skills. That’s why they need to take the AZ-104 exam that ensures they are adequately 70-483. So, what is the evaluation all about?

We’ll be delving into the details of the test and whether it’s possible to pass it with practice tests. Keep reading!

What Is AZ-104 Test All About?

The AZ-104 evaluation regards skills such as expert execution, management, and monitoring of a company’s environment for 70-740. It’s linked to responsibilities such as how to execute, manage, and monitor identity, governance, compute, virtual networks, and storage within a cloud surrounding. There’s also providing, sizing, monitoring, and adjusting resources as required.

The AZ-104 test is part of the demands for an accreditation called Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate. It targets Azure administrators working with a bigger team devoted to executing the cloud architecture of a company. 

Required Experience

If you’re considering registering for the MD-100, awareness of the expected experience level is essential. The expectation is that any candidate registering and intending to take it should have applied experience of not less than 6 months in such an area like Azure administration. Also, a firm comprehension of core services for Azure, workloads for Azure, governance, and security are included.

Furthermore, the person to undertake the Azure administrator role should be able to utilize PowerShell, Azure portal, Azure CLI, as well as templates for Azure Resource Manager.

What Does the Evaluation Include?

Microsoft exams typically contain 40 to 60 questions. Test-takers are to face best answer, active screen, MCQs, short answer, hot area, labs, and other question types. They are given 2 hours to crack all exam questions and score at MS-100points and more to pass. Registration costs $165, though it depends on the country you’ll be taking the evaluation.

Reaching the least demanded marks needs you to strategize by utilizing precise materials during preparation. Let’s find out if you can pass the exam with practice tests.

Can You Pass AZ-104 Exam with Practice Tests?

If you’ve already began your preparation for the AZ-104 evaluation, you may have come across something concerning practice tests. However, you could be wondering whether they are helpful in the process of passing the actual exam. Since these are files with questions and answers drawn from the previous AZ-300, they are what you need to train with before taking the main exam.

Practice tests for the AZ-104 evaluation can assist candidates comprehend what the final evaluation comprises. Thus, they investigate the subject and bring out how the exam is structured, which question types are used, concepts tested. If after accomplishing some questions you discover some tough areas, you can always review them. In addition, using the software that represents the real exam environment, practice tests can definitely assist you excel in the main exam.


Managing the Azure space and the associated resources is the work of Azure administrators. Accomplishing such tasks calls for proper acquisition of expertise. The DP-200exam is there to offer the right expertise and knowledge. Ensure you’re well conversant with it. Also, get practice tests to assist in preparing and passing it. May you accomplish success in the test!

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