What you need to know about Verified SMS on Google Messages

Rich communication services

SMS spam attempts have been on the rise over the last few years. SMS spamming efforts are more difficult to detect and usually more successful than email spamming. Consumers enjoy text messaging and want to know that the brands with whom they’re communicating and the messages they’re receiving are genuine and are from rich communication services

With the introduction of Google Verified SMS, businesses can now instil trust in their customer relationships. Brands can now authenticate their messaging presence in the same way they can verify their social media properties, making messages safer, more trustworthy, and providing consumers peace of mind.

Send Google verified SMS that clearly display your company’s name and logo

Your customers prefer to communicate with you via rich communication services. Many clients, however, are hesitant to connect because they have no way of knowing who is behind the sender’s phone number. This is when rich communication services enter the picture. To improve the customer experience and make business SMS more secure, Google certifies businesses in Android Messages.

Why Verified SMS?


Customers who connect with brands online want to know who they’re dealing with. Customers receive a third-party verification from Google verified SMS, giving them trust that you are who you say you are.


Spam messages into ordinary digital communications have made consumers wary. Verified SMS is encrypted to aid in the verification of the sender’s identity.


With the business name, logo, and verification badge highlighted at the top of the Messages window, verified business SMS distinguishes brands in text messages. Customers can tell the communication is from your company just by looking at it.

How Google Verified SMS works?

By mapping the Enterprise and Aggregator, Verified SMS confirms the message’s authenticity. Only when the message comes from a reliable source is it validated. The user can see the sender’s business name, logo, and a verification badge in the message thread once the verification procedure is done. Users are notified of spam content if the communication is not confirmed.

Verified SMS and RCS

The new rich communication services uses the RCS messaging protocol, which is a global standard that all carriers may utilize to transmit messages with more functionality than the older SMS standard. The GSM Association, which is in charge of RCS messaging, has released a Universal Profile that ensures interoperable linkages when supported by mobile network operators and hardware manufacturers. Verified SMS is a Google-exclusive programme that only works with Google’s Messages app. 

RCS messaging will eventually provide end-to-end encryption as a default, making it more secure than SMS. For the time being, the encryption feature is in beta and only works on one-on-one talks between two Android Messages users.

Conversational Platforms driven by AI will provide your firm with a single hub to manage all customer communications.
Rich communication services are a stand-alone programme that may be smoothly linked with your existing CRM. AI-powered Conversational Platforms let you integrate Verified SMS into your customer communications and develop a messaging strategy that works well for workers, delights customers, and generates revenue

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