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Which TV is best to buy, LED Smart TV 32-inch

Smart TV

Television is one of the most spectacular inventions of man. In modern times when we are busy upgrading lifestyle, our televisions have upgraded themselves too. LED TV is the new age product to adorn your living rooms. 

Because there are dozens of companies with plenty of products available in the market, people often find it a daunting task to decide which LED TV to buy. Additionally, with the growing popularity of Smart televisions, Chinese brand Xiaomi has released 32 inch TV display televisions.

In this guide, we shall discuss which of the best 32 inch TV to buy.

Television Technologies used in the TV 32 inch sets

Before starting with the specific LED TV models, let us see the Technologies used behind those televisions to understand why we should buy them in the first place.

1. LED

An LED TV utilizes the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) technology to have the source of light behind the screen. Low energy and relatively thin form factor is the main reason for its popularity.

  • Energy consumption. LED televisions to spend 40–45% less energy than an LCD TV.
  • Better Shelf life. LED televisions are known for the longevity of display panels.
  • Picture quality. LED technology produces crisp and sharp images with ample contrast and decent blacks improving the overall picture quality.
  • Pleasing aesthetics. LED televisions look slim and aesthetically pleasing, establishing them a status symbol today.

2. Smart User Interface

  • The Smart User Interface of these LED TV will let you enjoy videos and content from online streaming services by connecting the device to a home wifi network.
  • The built-in voice search feature of Android adds to the convenience.
  • One can install multiple applications and streaming services on any 32 inch television from the pre-installed app store.

3. Screen Size for optimal viewing distance:

These 32 inch televisions maintain the ideal viewing distance for 32-inch screen size and a 720p resolution display. This distance is 1.5 to 2 meters.

4. Display Resolution:

The display resolution is the measure of the pixels contained on a LED TV screen. HD Ready is the display resolution denoted by 720p available on these 1280 x 720 Mi television.

Now, let us look at some of the Mi TV 32 inch televisions you can purchase this winter.

1. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Pro 32 inch 

This Mi TV 32 inch HD ready smart LED TV sports brilliant precision and augmented colours. You can enjoy around 700,000+ hours of preloaded content. It provides 1GB RAM + 8GB storage with multiple connectivity options and supports tabletop and wall mounting.

2. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A Horizon 32 inch

The fully HD 32-inch screen flaunts a Direct LED display with a 60 Hz Refresh Rate. This 32 inch tv is a Smart TV with 1GB of RAM and superior performance of a Quad-Core processor. With the latest Android TV OS, this TV houses powerful 20W Stereo speakers for better sound quality.

3. Xiaomi Mi TV 4C Pro 32 inch

The HD ready display provides a cinematic picture quality while stereo speakers ensure an immersive sound experience on this Mi TV 32 inch television. The PatchWall recommends shows based on your viewing history. The Chromecast feature allows you to mirror the phone’s content.

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Whether you are a Cinephile who loves watching movies at the weekend, or you are a sports lover who enjoys the excitement of an international football match, there is always something an LED TV has to offer you. Xiaomi series of LED Mi TV 32 inch offer the convenience and features of a full-fledged Android TV while giving you the option to watch content from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO max, YouTube and much more in just a few clicks. These LED TV sets utilize the latest advancements in LED technology to provide a clear and crisp picture quality, dece

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