Why Do My LED Strip Lights Smell?

Did you just set up your new LED strip light? Are you experiencing a bad smell coming off from the strips? There are several reasons for that to happen. This smell could also be a major safety concern.

So, let us check out the reasons for your LED Strip lights to smell.

LED Strip Lights: Causal Factors for Bad LED Strip Smell

Poor and cheap circuitry is the prime cause of bad smell lingering from your LED strip after each use. The LEDs tend to heat up in the unventilated fixtures. This leads to the burning of delicate electrical chips inside the core of the LED strip.

It can affect the integrity of capacitors & semi-conductors in the LED strip lights. The smell could sometimes surface from the surrounding assembly parts being burnt. This happens because of the heat trapped inside.

Fishy Smell Coming from the LED Strip Lights

Do you smell something fishy from your LED strip light? It denotes that a component within the strip is burning or overheating. This smell can also stem from frayed or loose cords and wires along with issues such as:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Incorrectly-sized fuses or breakers
  • Faulty outlets
  • Overheated electrical insulation or shielding
overloaded circuits

The components in your LED strip lights are coated using plastic and heat-resistant chemicals. They help provide insulation in the strips. When this plastic or chemical coating starts to heat up more than its recommended temperature, it can give off a fish-like burning smell.

Whenever you find this smell lingering around your room, it is important to switch off your LED strip immediately. A common cause for this overheating or burning is the use of wrong light wattage.

Factors that Could Cause Your LED Strip Light to Smell

Several factors play an important role in lighting up your LED strips. Any misalignment of these factors could cause a burning smell. So, let us check out the factors that could cause the strips to smell.

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