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Why WooCommerce is best for an Online Store?



WooCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce software platforms worldwide as of April 2021, having a market share of 23.43 percent as per Statista report. These statistics show that WooCommerce development services are widespread and preferred eCommerce platforms. 

But, before we go through the WooCommerce features list that confirms how WooCommerce is a better option for an online store, let us first understand WooCommerce and how is WooCommerce good for developing your eCommerce store.  

What is WooCommerce – the definition

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin used for eCommerce on a WordPress website. A free plugin helps you develop your simple, plain WordPress website into an eCommerce website. 

Is WooCommerce easy to use? 

WooCommerce powers around 3.9m websites worldwide, and the numbers are growing every moment. Since its launch in 2011, WooCommerce has evolved with the changing technologies being flexible and providing its users with power-packed performance, a user-friendly interface, and many features. 

No wonder because of its flexibility, and compatibility with the WordPress website; WooCommerce is preferred by most developers. it also has accessible functionalities that are easily handled like adding products, shopping cart, and checkout options.   

It makes creating and managing an online store simpler with reasonable flexibility and several vital features such as inventory, secure payments, and, most importantly, shipping integration.

Benefits of WooCommerce

If you want to get your online store created, you must be wondering, is WooCommerce good for you? Working over hundreds of website development projects, we can assure you that eCommerce development services via WooCommerce is very efficient and viable option to go for in 2022. There are pros and cons of everything; let us dive further to understand the WooCommerce pros and cons.

Benefits of WooCommerce for your online store – 

  1. It comes for free:

    If you are wondering, is WooCommerce free? Then we must tell you that indeed, the WooCommerce plugin provided by the WordPress website is accessible. And this is the main reason why WooCommerce is preferred by different developers worldwide. It also gives ample options even after being free and with more premium plugins. You have options to include some third-party apps and plugins, which might cost you a bit.

  2. Open source:

    WooCommerce WordPress being open source gives flexibility to WooCommerce developers to customize it to its maximum.

  3. Unique WooCommerce themes and designs:

    You feel blessed to have a free plugin providing you thousands of themes, designs and plugins available on the web to choose from. Some of the best free themes like Free Shop, WP Store, StoreVilla, Online Shop and The Shop are available by WooCommerce.

  4. SEO friendly:

    WooCommerce by WordPress works on the codes optimized for Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly known. However, it does not offer any specific features that are SEO-friendly. To rank your eCommerce website built on WooCommerce, one must have a proper SEO strategy that is gradually worked upon and executed regularly.

  5. WooCommerce online store gives you better safety, support and stability:

    Though WooCommerce is free and an open-source platform, still it is one of the safest eCommerce platforms. WooCommerce also offers a free SSL certificate to let its users feel safe while using its services. Extending round-the-clock support, it is one of the most available stable platforms in eCommerce.

  6. Best payment gateways options:

    Some of the best payment gateways like, Amazon Pay, Square, Stripe, and Alipay are offered by WooCommerce that you can use on your website.

  7. Faster loading in the front-end and back-end

    gives you a hassle-free, unique selling experience and an equally better buying experience for your customers.

How to set up WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress  

  • Sign up and create an account on WooCommerce WordPress, after selecting your online store’s hosting and domain name,
  • Then visit the WordPress dashboard to set up 
  • Under different plugins, find the WooCommerce plugin.
  • Click the WooCommerce plugin and install it on your WordPress site 
  • Go to the setup wizard and follow the steps in creating your online store
  • Choose the theme for your online store.
  • Add any more extensions or plugins if required.
  • Upload your products and add details to your listings
  • You can now create and run your WooCommerce website. 

Summing up:

Though WooCommerce is easy for beginners with less expertise in technology, for more reasons why you should go for this platform, just go through – why wordpress is best fit for your business 

One must hire a professional WooCommerce Developer who is an expert and has the necessary WooCommerce Development skills or hire WooCommerce development from an established technology company that will help you leverage maximum features of WooCommerce.

The simplicity, adaptability, flexibility and scalability of this platform thus make it the best option for an online store.

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