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Will the smartphone become the main device for gaming in the future?

Will the smartphone become the main device for gaming in the future?


Will the smartphone become the main device for gaming in the future?

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It did not take long from the time the first portable screen phone was rolled out until the first mobile game was released in the mid-90s – a variant of Tetris. It later became a smartphone and has long been a platform for gaming. Today, mobile games make up about half of all digital gaming, and the smartphone’s possibilities are increasing at a furious pace.

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The mobile gamer

Video and computer games have become a more common entertainment activity and the gaming industry is growing steadily. Today playing more than half of all Swedish internet users play online. Gaming is also becoming more widespread across gender and age – especially when you include gaming on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Over 60% of the world’s population owns a smartphone of some kind, and games have always been on cell phones. It is partly as a result of the global spread of the smartphone that the mobile gaming industry has grown exponentially during the 2000s. There are also no indicators that the market will stop growing. With the growth, the share of total gaming in the world that is done on smartphones has also reached about half. This figure may well rise in the future, as the possibilities for what a mobile phone is capable of in terms of entertainment will increase.

A wider reach

The use of the mobile phone as a gaming device extends to several types of gaming. In addition to regular games, such as puzzles and quizzes, the smartphone has gradually taken over in the so-called iGaming world. As the major international sports books keep up with technological developments, associated betting on William Hill often with a smartphone today. The mass introduction of smartphones and portable devices has given sports betting a new boost, in an industry that has gone through both regulations and deregulation of each other throughout history. Today, about half of all betting is done through the mobile phone, and it has become a growing trend among players to invest more and more in the mobile-adapted sites and apps. It is further promoted by the growing place of e-sports on the international stage.

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The smartphone future opportunities

The gaming industry is one of them fastest growing industries globally, and today has more sales than the rest of the entertainment industry. Of course, game consoles and computers are a big part of the gaming world, and just like with smartphones, these are regularly improved with new technology. In addition, the powerful desktop devices have a role as a platform for the more advanced and demanding games. In this way, they act as an incentive for game manufacturers to push the boundaries and drive the gaming industry forward.

But every year, new opportunities come to pack tech into smartphones, which increases the capacity to run advanced games. Several genres that have been completely reserved for the desktop computer a few years ago, first switched to laptops and are now available on mobile phones. It is also common to cast the contents of the smartphone to a screen, and also smoothly – which can be a start on the other devices being taken out of the equation. If you look far enough in the future, it is not impossible that the smartphone is something completely different than it is today. But you can imagine that in the end you do not need more than one screen to connect the phone to, and thus the gaming device is something you always have with you.


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