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Wind direction – Air quality meter from IKEA


IKEA launches a small and affordable air quality meter for the home and small office. The product is called Wind Direction and can be bought directly from IKEA for only SEK 99.

  • Starts immediately when you connect to power
  • Uses USB-C (cable not included)
  • Lacks support for smart homes

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IKEA Wind Direction shows the quality level with LEDs

There is really nothing that stands out at IKEA Wind Direction. It is a small, white rectangle with a cord protruding from the back. Simply designed and without any strangeness really.

If we do not include the LED indicator on the front that indicates the quality level of the air where the wind direction is located. The indicator uses three colors – green, yellow and red – to show the air quality is good, mediocre or poor.

Good, mediocre and poor air quality

When the air quality is yellow or red, you can use another affordable product to improve it. Namely the sensible air purifier, which is also manufactured by IKEA.

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USB-C and no buttons

Because IKEA Wind Direction is so small, it can advantageously be placed virtually anywhere in the home.

All that is needed is a cable with connection for USB-C and a standard power adapter with USB port for power.
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Powered by USB-C, but cable not included

There is not even a button on IKEA Wind Direction. The unit starts automatically as soon as it receives power. It probably could not be easier. Which is perhaps why the price tag is set to just 99 kronor.

A stupid air quality meter for the stupid home

If you want a simple and affordable air quality meter without major demands on quality, this is right for you.

If, on the other hand, you want more functionality, support for smart homes and measurement of particles that are smaller than PM2.
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5, you have to look further. And bring out a deeper wallet.

IKEA Wind Direction does not support IKEA Wireless, which is a bit limiting, and it is not able to identify gases, which is also a bit of a shame. But that is not the purpose of Wind Direction either, so for its price it does not matter.


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