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Top 4 Methods for fixing White Screen of Death in WordPress

Top 4 Methods for fixing White Screen of Death in WordPress

Often you see that a vacant white page on the screen of your WordPress website, then it is WordPress white screen of death error. Now we will understand the methods for fixing this error.

Boost the PHP limit of the Website 

When you encounter a vacant page or white screen of death error, it might be because of PHP memory of the Website is exhausted. If this is the situation, you require to increase the memory of the Website. You should login to the admin panel and FTP client and find the config.php file. Add below code in the file.

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’);

If that doesn’t work, then you have other alternatives. You should utilize your .htaccess file- in the WordPress root location to boost the PHP memory, add the following syntax

php_value memory_limit 64M

Resolve Syntax Errors

The other general issue for white screen of death is syntax error on your WordPress website. It may be because user types wrong syntax mistakenly. One wrong code can disturb the whole Website. That is why you should leave the editing work on the coding section. You must assign the task to experts rather doing it yourself.

Inactive themes and Plugins  

Sometimes bad plugins and themes are the reasons for WordPress white screen of death , so in such situation, users need to deactivate plugins and themes one by one. We have seen that often a bad plugin can ruin the setting of the Website that causes white screen errors. Visit the admin dashboard of the WordPress website and deactivate all the plugins and themes. After disabling themes and plugins, enable plugins and theme one by one to check whether site comes to the normal mode or not. After any specific activation, if you find that site front end is not active, then you can easily detect the offensive plugins or theme.

Turn on debugging mode 

If you are still going through the WSOD error, then you should try debugging mode to the Website. By activating the WordPress debugging mode, you can identify errors of the Website such as WordPress error 404white screen of death, WordPress 500 error and so on. This is also known as enabling error log in the Website. For enabling the code, you need to redirect to the wp-config.php file and place the code 

Define (‘WP_DEBUG’, true)

This code may be already present on your Website with the false command; then you need to change it with true.

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