Xbox Live changes its name to Xbox Network

Xbox Live is now called Xbox Network. Microsoft has renamed its popular Xbox gaming service, and any related gadgets and services you have will reflect the change shortly.

Microsoft has sent out an official announcement which was intercepted by the technology site The Verge.

According to a spokesperson, Xbox Live will change its name to differentiate the basic gaming service from the Xbox Live Gold subscription model.


“Xbox network” refers to the underlying Xbox online service, which was updated to the Microsoft Service Agreement. The update from ‘Xbox Live’ to ‘Xbox network’ is intended to distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold memberships. ”

  • Xbox Live Gold is a subscription that gives players free games every month as well as the opportunity to play against others online.
  • Xbox Live (now Xbox Network) is a free gaming service needed on your Xbox to play at all and connect your gaming console to Mirosoft.

On Twitter, users share screenshots on their game consoles to show how the Xbox Network has already sneaked into the software in their places.

And really, the Xbox Network is no big deal. Microsoft hinted at the change already in August last year when the agreement for Xbox Live was changed. Microsoft then said they did not intend to change the name, but apparently they did.

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