Zara Larsson will perform in Roblox – starting on May 21

Do you like the singer Zara Larsson? Maybe you also play super popular Roblox? Then you have double luck – because Zara Larsson will perform in Roblox.

At a time when physical concerts may not be the smartest thing considering the corona pandemic, digital solutions have become popular instead.

Live on May 21 – check again throughout the weekend

Fortnite has already had several popular concerts with famous artists, and now it’s time for Roblox to give it a try. First out as an artist is Zara Larsson.

From May 21 and throughout the weekend, you will be able to follow her dance party in Roblox.

To participate, visit a virtual room described as a fairytale land with magical undertones and a pink theme.

“We are thrilled to welcome global pop sensation Zara Larsson to Roblox. She has created a magical pink wonderland that you have to see to believe and there is definitely going to be a lot of fun, games, and dancing this Friday, ”said Jon Vlassopulos, Vice President and Global Head of Music for Roblox. “Roblox Launch Parties continue to be the best way for artists to reach millions of fans over a weekend, connecting them and their music in unparalleled fun, interactive, and immersive ways.” – Roblox

In addition to the appearance of Zara, you can participate in various mini-games, ask her questions and take part in exclusive gadgets. These things you get can then be used when you play as usual in Roblox after the end of the event.

In addition to playing songs from the latest album Poster Girl: Summer Edition, Zara Larsson will offer well-known songs such as Never Forget You and Lush Life.

Zara Larsson is not first on Roblox

Zara will not be the first artist ever to perform her songs in Roblox. Since before, Ava Max has also released music in the game.

Ava Max launched the album Heaven & Hell on Roblox, which attracted as many as 1.2 million visitors. Not bad then.

To participate in the event, you must have a free account on Roblox. Read more on the official booking page to find out how to fix a ticket.

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