Buying Cuban products with one Compraspacuba

Buying Cuban products with Compraspacuba

Are you a tourist visiting Compraspacuba for the first time? Or a business person planning to visit this country soon for your next business trip? Whatever the case, if you don’t like the hustle and bustle of markets, why not purchase online? 

This way, you’ll be able to buy everything Cuba has to offer. You’ll just have to enter your credit card number, use a discount code if applicable and choose a delivery method that suits you. 

Wherever you are staying, you’ll be able to get Cuban products delivered to your doorstep at the best affordable prices in a short time. Read on to learn how you can do online shopping in Cuba.

What is Compraspacuba?

Compraspacuba is an online marketplace in Cuba that offers Cuban products at lower prices than retail stores. Therefore, most foreigners, as well as Cubans themselves, prefer this online store. 

Compraspacuba offers a variety of products, from electronics to gadgets, computers, and mobile phones. The store has many departments providing household items, ceramic products, solar panels, roofing slabs, sanitary masks, beauty products, and toilet supplies.

Some departments also offer baby products, handbags, fragrances, men’s and women’s wear, eyewear, jewelry, and handbags. Besides domestic products, Compraspacuba boasts some of the top international brands like Michael Kors, RayBan, Shiseido, Graco, and many more. 

The best part about this market is that it is government-owned, offering a secure checkout process and guaranteed delivery. 

How to buy from Compraspacuba?

You’ll have access to the best internet despite being on an island. Cuba has one of the largest and strongest internet networks in the world. The Cuban government has been investing heavily to boost its performance. 

So, you can use the internet worry-free. Moreover, the Compraspacuba store accepts US dollars, so it’s very convenient for a US traveler. The store also allows you to conduct personal research on products before buying. 

As a wide variety of products are available at the sale, you can buy them first to check out the quality before purchasing in great quantity. The website is easy to navigate and updates product prices in real time. 

It offers an excellent place for buying gifts and unique items for your family and friends. You can also book deliveries or pick up the parcel at your convenience. 

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your place, the store provides door-to-door delivery throughout the island, including Isla de la Juventud. 


If you are visiting Cuba buying Cuban products online is very convenient with Compraspacuba, a government-owned online marketplace. It offers a wide range of products from domestic and some top European and American brands. The checkout and delivery process is easy, and the store takes orders in US currency. 

Besides, the products in the store are offered at a lower price than in traditional retail stores in Cuba. You’ll get your products delivered to your doorstep, so Compraspacuba provides a simple way to buy Cuban products from the comfort of your home.

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