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How to make a DIY smartphone projector

How to make a DIY smartphone projector

DIY Smartphone projector is a easy and a laugh task that can be finished at domestic using primary substances. With a DIY projector, you can enjoy your preferred movies, videos, or pix on a large display screen without spending a lot of cash on a industrial projector. In this text, we are able to manual you via the technique of making a DIY smartphone projector.

Materials Needed:

  • A magnifying glass (with a diameter of as a minimum 2 inches)
  • A shoebox or some other cardboard box
  • A container cutter or a sharp knife
  • Black paper or paint
  • A Smartphone
  • A stand or tripod


Step 1: Cut a hollow inside the shoebox lid

Using a box cutter or a sharp knife, reduce a square hollow within the center of the shoebox lid. The length of the hole should be slightly bigger than the scale of your smartphone.

Step 2: Attach the magnifying glass

Take the magnifying glass and location it on the other aspect of the shoebox lid from in which you cut the hole. Trace across the magnifying glass with a pencil and cut out the traced circle with a container cutter or a pointy knife. Then, location the magnifying glass inside the hollow and stable it with tape or glue.

Step 3: Paint the interior of the field black

To improve the image fine, you want to put off any more light that could intervene with the projection. Use black paper or paint to cover the inside of the container.

Step 4: Adjust the focal point

Place your smartphone within the shoebox so that the display faces the magnifying glass. You may additionally want to adjust the space among the smartphone and the magnifying glass till you get a clean image. You can also modify the focal point by means of transferring the magnifying glass back and forth till the image is in focus.

Step five: Mount the projector

To make the projection more stable, you may mount the projector on a stand or tripod. You can use a piece of cardboard or a wooden board as a base to attach the shoebox to the stand. Then, alter the perspective of the projector until you get the exceptional photo.

Step 6: Enjoy your DIY Smartphone projector

With your DIY Smartphone projector, you could experience your favorite movies or videos on a massive screen. You also can use it for displays or to show pictures.

Tips for Improving Your DIY Smartphone Projector:

  1. Use a wonderful magnifying glass: The higher the exceptional of the magnifying glass, the higher the photograph first-rate can be. Look for a magnifying glass with a larger diameter and excellent glass fabric.
  2. Use a brighter screen: To improve the brightness of the projection, boom the brightness stage of your phone’s screen. You can also alter the display’s colour temperature to make the image greater shiny.
  3. Use a darkish room: The darker the room, the better the photograph nice might be. Use your DIY projector in a room with low mild levels or even better, a completely darkish room. This will make certain that the projected photograph is apparent and bright.
  4. Use a Bluetooth speaker: The sound quality of your Smartphone speaker might not be enough to fill the room. You can use a Bluetooth speaker to enlarge the sound and decorate your viewing enjoy.
  5. Experiment with extraordinary phone sizes: Your DIY projector may fit with unique smartphone sizes. Try the use of extraordinary phones to look which one affords the fine image excellent.


A DIY Smartphone projector is an super way to enjoy your preferred films, films, or photos on a massive display with out spending quite a few money on a industrial projector. With the materials and instructions provided above, you could create your very own projector at domestic effectively. Remember to experiment with special settings and materials to improve the photo first-rate and make the most from your DIY projector.

Pros of a DIY Smartphone Projector:

  1. Low Cost: A DIY Smartphone projector can be made using cheaper substances observed at domestic or effortlessly be had in stores.
  2. Easy to Make: The steps to make a DIY projector are simple and can be accomplished in a few hours, even for those with little experience in DIY initiatives.
  3. Portable: A DIY Smartphone projector is lightweight and may be effortlessly transported, making it best for outside sports or camping trips.
  4. Customizable: The DIY projector can be customized to satisfy your precise desires or alternatives, allowing you to regulate the image size, brightness, and cognizance to your liking.

Cons of a DIY Smartphone Projector:

  1. Limited Image Quality: The image excellent of a DIY smartphone projector might not match that of an industrial projector. The photo may seem blurry or pixelated, and the brightness stages can be lower.
  2. Limited Functionality: A DIY Smartphone projector is typically designed to challenge photographs from a smartphone. It won’t be appropriate for different gadgets including laptops or gaming consoles.
  3. Requires a Dark Room: The projector works nicely in a dark room, restricting its functionality in brightly lit spaces.


Can I use any magnifying glass for the projector?

No, it’s miles encouraged to use a top-notch magnifying glass with a diameter of at least 2 inches for the best photograph nice.

Can I use the projector with any smartphone?

Yes, the projector may be used with any Smartphone as long as it fits the scale of the shoebox hole.

How long way away should I locate the Smartphone from the magnifying glass?

The distance between the Smartphone and the magnifying glass relies upon the size of the shoebox and the magnifying glass. You might also want to test with specific distances until you get a clear picture.

Can I use the projector to watch films in a vivid room?

No, the projector works nicely in a dark room. Bright mild can interfere with the projection and affect the image fine.

Can I use the DIY projector for presentations?

Yes, the DIY projector may be used for shows so long as the room is darkish sufficient to get a clear projection.

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