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ECOFIT: A Shift from Traditional LV and MV Switchboards

ECOFIT A Shift from Traditional LV and MV Switchboards

Low and Medium Voltage are popularly used in several industries and factories to power their motors and equipment. They are consistently used in these facilities to ensure that the work goes on without any interruption. While this has become the need, it leaves behind a lot of carbon print and consumes a significant amount of power.

With the world shifting towards a better and green source of energy, it is high time that industries start thinking about a power source that is green. With the initiative of Schneider Electric, you can now update your switchgear with Ecofit. So, what is Ecofit, and what are its benefits? You will get all this information in this article.

Ecofit: A Brief Definition of the Equipment

This is a state-of-the-art circuit breaker, protection, and contractor relay that has been re-engineered with a retrofit for low voltage and medium voltage circuit breakers.

As the equipment ages and its condition starts degrading, the performance is impacted. With Ecofit, users can define and implement one of the best solutions while evolving with flexibility and enhanced performance. This not only proves cost-effective but also contributes to controlling the ageing of the infrastructure.

Expand Equipment’s Lifespan: As infrastructure ages, it takes a significant amount of money to replace them. With Ecofit, users can control the cost associated with the ageing of the infrastructure.

Schneider Electric has dedicated decades to gaining expertise in energy management. The result of the work has Ecofit, which is a test and proven solution that is designed to help users modernize their electrical distribution system. This not only optimizes cost but also extends the lifespan of infrastructure, which ultimately helps in focusing on business

How has Ecofit Contributed toIndustry?

–               With the proven benefits of Ecofit, more and more industries are adopting this equipment. Schneider Electric has been able to deliver 85,000 Ecofit for different business segments.

–               Ecofit has been designed to be used and installed with non-Schneider electric equipment as well. This has enabled coverage of 23 mainstream brands.

–               As more and more industries are looking for an alternative to expand the lifespan of their infrastructure, Ecofit gained its popularity. They offer industry-standard solutions, including vast resources, equipment expertise, reliability, and safety improvement. These together meet the goal of today’s facilities and factories.

Discover the Details of Ecofit

Compliance with Evolving Legislation and Industry Standards:

Through Ecofit, the company offers partial or sometimes complete replacement of the old industrial electric equipment. This contributes to extending lifespan, operational reliability enhanced availability. The solution includes the replacement of LV circuit breakers, MV circuit breakers, drawers, and protection relays with new compliant that consists of GOST standards or ANSI/NEMA.

Cost-effective and Quick Modernization:

Users can update their switchgear with a validated solution that is pre-engineered and tested. This enables easy and quick integration in the existing installation.

Better Peace of Mind:

With Ecofit, users can rely on a tested solution that comes with an extended warranty for equipment from the original manufacturer. This ensures that users will receive a solution that contains top expertise in electric switchgear.

How to Purchase the Right Ecofit?

Changing from the regular LV and MV to Ecofit is a brilliant move for industries. But if you are venturing into this market and technology for the first time, you will have several doubts before you make your purchase.

Therefore, the best way is to go to the website of the suppliers online. As you visit their website, you will find information on the product and how they can contribute to your business. If you think the products fit your requirement, then you must contact them.

You will find a phone number and email id on their website. Reach out to them using them and get an Ecofit solution for the infrastructure of your facility.

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