How to Convert Your SMS leads into Deals

How to Convert Your SMS leads into Deals

Many marketing professionals have long written off SMS marketing or text messaging marketing as an outdated strategy. Instead, companies are focusing on developing email marketing. SMS was once a big deal until people started using instant messengers, as well as communicating via e-mail. However, how successful is email marketing in 2022? 

Let’s take a look at some statistics: 

  • On average, each person around the world receives approximately one hundred emails per day; 
  • Over 75% of people check their email daily; 
  • Each person gives approximately ten to fifteen seconds of attention to each email; 
  • Email open rates range from 20% to 40%. 

On the one hand, such data gives marketers hope that email marketing is the most successful digital marketing strategy. Everyone is online now, young and old. It seems that there is nothing easier than attracting a potential client by sending an effective email. 

However, in addition to regular emails, users receive spam emails and also become victims of phishing attacks. Given how many emails each user receives per day, companies have to go out of their way to capture the attention of a potential customer in 10 seconds so that he continues to read further and gets interested in the promotional offer. In the face of huge competition, the chance of success is incredibly low. 

SMS marketing 

Pay attention to how often you use your phone. Even now, look where your phone is. Perhaps you are reading this on your smartphone, or at least it is somewhere nearby. As soon as a notification arrives on the phone, we immediately pick it up to check what’s up. 

Unlike emails, which can contain an unlimited number of characters, SMS messages can only contain a maximum of one hundred and sixty characters. By sending them, marketers don’t have to think about what hook to come up with to get recipients to read on. SMS is short and informative. It is enough for specialists to come up with only a few words so that the recipients understand what is happening. 

Although this strategy has long been discounted by many marketers, let’s take a look at some impressive statistics. 

Text message marketing statistics 

  • In terms of CTR, landing pages have about 35%, SMS about 20%, and emails about 4%; 
  • About 50% of users prefer to receive information from brands via SMS; 
  • Over 95% of text messages are opened and answered within 2-3 minutes; 
  • 90% of shoppers prefer to receive SMS from brands over phone calls;
  • By the end of this year, average mobile advertising spending is expected to reach about $337 billion. 

Such data indicate that SMS marketing is not dead, but rather is just starting to gain momentum. 

If you want to jump into this wagon, then you need a reliable SMS marketing tool. A tool that will help you easily turn leads into deals. 

Smarter Contact 

Smarter Contact is an advanced sms text marketing business that allows businesses to send multiple text messages to their leads with just a few clicks. It is integrated with the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), which allows you to run a marketing campaign, as well as collect and store prospectus data in one place. 

The company’s clients are both medium and small businesses, as well as large companies and government organizations. In most cases, after starting to use this tool, many companies abandon the CRM system they use in favor of this tool with a built-in CRM. 

For any company, when choosing a new business tool, it must be easy to use. The developers of this platform have done their best and made it as simple as possible so that specialists do not have to go through the steep learning curve. The tool was originally developed for the needs of marketing professionals with an intuitive interface. 

Key features 

Easy to start 

Instead of figuring out what you need to do once you start using this platform, all you have to do is download the list of contacts you have. All information will be saved, and you will be able to choose contacts when conducting any marketing campaign via SMS. You can come up with names for each marketing campaign, come up with labels and add new contacts to the SMS mailing list as they appear. 

You can automate the process and specify the start time of the marketing campaign. In addition, you can add a second, third message, and so on, as well as specify the start time of the mailing. 


Imagine that you have a large list of potential customers. You have their names, surnames, and addresses, but the only thing you don’t have is their phone numbers. What is to be done? This is a huge potential that you may not unlock. 

This is no longer a problem because you have the opportunity to use the Skiptracing feature. You can upload a list of potential customers into the system, as well as all the information you have about them. A few seconds and you will have data on phone numbers. 

This feature is unique because it gives 90% accuracy. You can get not only mobile phone numbers but also landline phone numbers. When exporting to your CRM, you can choose to export only mobile numbers, or export all information found along with landline numbers. 

Analysis of marketing campaigns 

To understand how a marketing campaign or strategy is working, companies conduct analyzes of their marketing efforts. However, most professionals have to use third-party tools to get a detailed analysis. 

Using this platform, you will no longer need any other software. You can use advanced reporting and analytics tools to track performance. 

Other features

  • Text message templates; 
  • Ability to make calls directly from the platform; 
  • Creation of backup copies; 
  • High-quality support service for every customer. 


  • Seven-day free trial period and you can try out any package you like; 
  • Starter – 3,000 message cap for $90 per month; 
  • Pro – 7,500 message cap for $199 per month; 
  • Elite – unlimited messaging for $299 per month. 

There i4548s also the possibility of an annual subscription, where you will receive 3 months as a gift. 


SMS marketing statistics show that such a strategy is not outdated, but rather is gaining momentum. Buyers are tired of receiving dozens of promotional offers from brands by email. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity to build contacts with leads and want to get ahead of your competitors, then you need an advanced SMS marketing service, which Smarter Contact will become for you. 

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