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How to fix wireless keyboard: a complete guide.

How to fix wireless keyboard a complete guide

If you are here, probably your wireless board has stopped working, and you want to know how to fix wireless keyboard; if yes, then you are at the right place, so keep on reading till the end and don’t avoid skimming because you can miss any essential information that you should know.

While most of the external hardware is capable of plug and play (PnP) feature, you only net to plug hardware in, and then you can start using it without installing any software. As a mouse is PNP hardware, you don’t need to install any software, either prior to or after using it, and you can start using it immediately.

However, that’s not the case with all wireless keyboards because you will be required to install software for some of them before using them. Once you install the software, you can only use a wireless keyboard.

How to fix wireless keyboard?

You might have noticed that your wireless keyboard needed you to install software which you did. But it’s still not working, right? If that’s the case, you will need to perform extra efforts to troubleshoot the problem so you can use it properly.

In some cases removing the plug and inserting it again can resolve the problem; however, if it persists, then try below mention three other options below that can help you determine the problem.

  • Check batteries
  • Make changes in the window
  • Test wireless keyboard on another PC

In the sections below, you will learn about each of these methods in detail.

Remove and insert the plug

How to fix wireless keyboard with the help of removing and re-plugging the thumb drive? If your wireless keyboard doesn’t work after installing the software and plugging in the thumb drive, then the first option to tackle this issue is to remove the thumb drive and plug it again into the USB receiver.

You should try quick synchronization if your wireless keyboard doesn’t work after plugging in the thumb drive and installing the software (in case it requires installing software). If removing and plugging the thumb drive again in the same USB port doesn’t resolve the issue, then inserting it in another port sometimes resolves the problem.

Remember that there are sometimes buttons on the back of the wireless keyboard that allows the receiver to sync; if that button is either off or you have not pressed it at all, you must try it. This is one of the most common mistakes that new users attempt that ultimately puts them in a stressful situation.

Check keyboard batteries

How to fix wireless keyboard with the help of changing its batteries? Sometimes your wireless keyboard batteries are dead, and you don’t even have the idea because there are no such indicators that can notify you. So if you go through the steps mentioned above and the keyboard still doesn’t work, there is a higher probability that the batteries will die.

In case there are standard batteries installed in your batteries in your keyboard, try to remove them and clean them with a clean piece of cloth and then again insert them in the battery compartment on the back of your keyboard. This should work, but if it doesn’t, you might need to purchase durable batteries from the market and replace them with the old ones.

Remember that sometimes the batteries installed on the wireless keyboard are rechargeable; in that case, you should put the battery on charge and wait until it’s fully charged; after that, you can use your wireless keyboard.

Make changes to the window

How to fix the wireless keyboard by making changes to the window? Setting your keyboard can also be done by making specific changes to the window but first, make sure that your keyboard was detected and installed successfully. So how do you make those changes?

Remove the wireless keyboard from the device manager, reboot it, and then again go for configuration. Search “device manager” in the search taskbar and open it, find a USB device or keyboard, and uninstall it. Reboot and go through the steps to synchronize it again.

Test wireless keyboard on another PC

If none of the above methods help you resolve the problem, how to fix the wireless keyboard by testing it on another PC? This method is the easiest one because you only need to plug in a thumb drive in another PC and see if it works or not (if the wireless keyboard requires it, you will also have to install software on that PC).

However, if the problem persists, then there is only one thing that you can do is contacting the manufacturer or their customer support team. They will either repair it or exchange it so you can continue using it without hassle. There is also another essential thing that you should know before contacting the manufacturer, so move to the next section.

Check device drivers: there could be a potential solution.

Sometimes device drivers could be the problem creators by not allowing your wireless keyboard to function, so how to fix a wireless keyboard when it comes to device drivers?
Before answering this question, remember that the device driver is just like a middleman whose prime role is the flow of communication between hardware and operating system; in other words, it is called software.

Sometimes, drivers are outdated, and need may require upgradation, while other times, you could be using incorrect drivers, missing drivers, or poorly written device drivers. When either of these problems occurs, windows cannot establish communication with external hardware.

While one way is choosing to update the drivers, another could also be letting the windows detect the problem and find a suitable driver if self to install it.

Final words

How to fix wireless keyboard – there are four ways to tackle the issue: plug out and re-plug in the thumb driver, check batteries, make changes to the windows, and test the keyboard on another PC. Furthermore, there could be various other reasons specifically related to device drivers, where windows can download or update correct drivers.

Hopefully, you learned what could be the potential reasons and how to deal with them. If you have anything to share, kindly do it in the comment section so others can also learn about it.

Thank you for reading!

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