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How to get people to join your discord server: A complete guide

How to get people to join your discord server A complete guide

So how to get people to join your discord server? For beginners, I decided to first define a discord server, so basically, it’s a communication platform for gamers where there are around 150 million users, and the number is still growing. 

It is so popular among gamers that it allows users to quickly join communities or even start their own community and invite others. If you create your own community, then there is a challenging task waiting for you: inviting others to join your community and grow its number.

If the above statement has made you worried, then don’t panic because I will show you 3 best ways to get people to join your discord server. Let’s buckle your seat belts up and let’s begin the race.

So how to get people to join your discord server?

There are three best ways you should follow in case you want to grow the number of people joining your discord server. These methods are discussed below in detail.

Go for the discord server directory

How to get people to join your discord server using the discord server directory? This is the first option where you can get more people who can potentially enter your discord server. Still, since there are no discord servers on Discord itself, there are many other directory platforms on various websites that are created by different users. These third-party directories allow you to share details related to your discord server that people with the same interests will discover.

The 5 well-known directories where you can add your discord server are listed below in case you want to know their names.

  • Top.gag
  • DiscordMe
  • Disboard
  • Discord street
  • Discords

Although sharing your discord server’s details is pretty straightforward, you must follow the instructions carefully. Because each discord server directory has different instructions than others, you will follow them accordingly and share your directory details. 

Based on the details you provide about your discord server, people will search for discord servers, and when their interest meets your server, they will be able to find and join your server.

This is considered the easiest way of letting people discover your discord server and join it, but it’s a slow process and will take more time to grow its size further. In the next section, you will discover the fastest way of increasing the number of new users.

Go for social media

So how to get people to join your discord server using social media? Until now, social media is one of the fastest platforms you can choose for growing the number of users who join your discord server, specifically when you have a significant number of users on your discord server.

Because your discord server has many users, you will only be required to post information about your discord server and share its link so that people can click on it and get directed to the server.

So that’s why social media is the fastest way of attracting or increasing the number of members who will join your server within no time, but make sure you pursue them with attention-grabbing information about why they should join your community.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a significant number of members in your discord server community because that doesn’t stop people from joining your server. You can spend some extra bucks by paying social media influencers who, in return, will promote your discord server. Since they have a large number of fan-following, they will ultimately get to know about it and join your discord server.

Reddit discord servers

How to get people to join your discord server using Reddit? This might be less effective than the above two methods, yet I still recommend it because it’s free and you might get something out of it. Remember that on, you can search r/discordservers, which is a directory where you can post your discord directory information and let people know about your community presence and the benefits of joining it.

Furthermore, there you will find people of the same interests as the total number of people are more than 120,000, who look for innovative, creative, and fun ways while joining new communities. Although as mentioned earlier, you should not expect big numbers from there because most of them share their servers rather than binding.

Again, it’s free, so why not give it a shot.

Tips for increasing user base

One most important factor in increasing the user base is grabbing the attention of potential users who could become your discord server members. So what are these pro tips?

Below listed are some of the tips that could help you get more discord server members but the one that stands out amongst all of them is “keep server active.”

1.  Keep server active

2.  Branding

3.  Emojis

4.  Fancy fonts

5.  Gifs

6.  Memorable title

7.  Welcome notes

8.  Organize events

Keep server active

You might be surprised at what kind of tip this is, everyone knows that the server should be kept active so what’s the point? I agree. You are right, but the story doesn’t end here.

Most of the times user join discord servers but then they end up with no activity means that there is no communication among members and everyone remain a silent member, that most users find boring and they eventually leave the community because they don’t feel connected; however, members connected with each other should be the prime goal of a server. 

So in case there is inactivity, you can share some knowledgeable content or ask a question, you can also ask members about their activities and experiences with the game (if the server is related to the game). Furthermore, you can also keep the server active by announcing updates and discussing previous features of the game.

Final words

So in response to your query about how to get people to join your discord server, I presented three ways that are discord server directories, social media, and Reddit. The more effective of these two options are online directories and social media. In contrast, Reddit seems less effective if you want to grow the number of members in your discord directory.

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