How To Reduce Business Hearting Bills?

How To Reduce Business Hearting Bills

One of the main reasons why businesses struggle is overhead costs. That’s why you should have the right energy management plans in your business. In particular, you should come up with the right strategies to reduce the heating bills. Understand the efficiency of different types of boilers at Utility Bidder. Here are the top tips for reducing heating energy bills for your business.

Heating Controls

 If your boiler is old, replace it with a modern one. Alternatively, consider updating its controls. Modern controls are accurate, helping you monitor the energy usage in your company. Install a thermostat. Bring in programmable or thermostatic radiator-based valves.

Choose the right type of heating control. You can ask experts to guide you to select the right control for your company.

Radiator System

For improved efficiency, ensure that the water system is clean. Ensure that it doesn’t have any sludge. Remember, the presence of sludge will reduce the efficiency of your radiator.

Check the bottom sides of the radiators. Does it have spots? How long does it take to heat water? An inefficient radiator system will take time to heat the water. Thus, inspect it on a regular system. Ensure that the system is always clean.

Balanced Radiator

Having a clean system is good. Updating the controls will make your heating system efficient. However, an unbalanced system will give you bad results. Thus, ensure that the system is balanced. In particular, an unbalanced system can increase utility bills.  

According to the research, increasing your system’s temperature by one degree Celsius can increase your annual heating bills by more than 10 percent. That’s why the thermostats should be kept low. If you are bringing in a new boiler, ensure that the system is rebalanced to realize cost-saving opportunities.

Correct Settings

The boiler’s settings are also important. The boiler’s settings should be the highest during the winter. The setting should be the lowest during the summer. Don’t allow your boiler to needlessly heat the water. It will waste energy.

Program Your Heating

Install a programmer to time the heating process. Consider scheduling the boiler in turns. With a programmer, you have more options when it comes to set different temperatures. Opt for programmers that allow setting different temperatures for a day. Consider customizing the patterns.


Thermostats are used to give you complete control over your boiler. That’s why you should optimize its efficiency. Turn it down to save on energy usage.

New Boiler

If your boiler is outdated, replace it with a new one. Bring in an energy-efficient boiler. Choose an energy Star-rated boiler for more energy-saving opportunities.

Other Tips

You can also use the following tips and tricks to bring your heating costs down:

  • Consider setting the thermostatic radiator-based valves low
  • Purchase low carbon heating system

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let the rising heating bills bring your business down. With the right strategies, you can reduce these bills. Employ controls. Use thermostats. Leverage controls to set temperature. Use the above tips and tricks to reduce heating bills in your business.

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