Some of the Most Interesting Natural Gas Stocks to Invest

Some of the Most Interesting Natural Gas Stocks to Invest

If you are interested in energy stocks, there is no shortage of options. Feel free to choose from companies in different parts of the process. There are three options: upstream, midstream, or downstream. It is possible to select from the types of stock as well. For instance, you can pick value stocks. Apart from growth stocks, there you can choose value or momentum stocks.

Let’s start with the best value natural gas stocks. Just remember that if you’re interested in value stocks, you don’t have many options. 

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One of them is DCP Midstream LP. It is an interesting company. For instance, it processes natural gas. As you already know, the oil and gas industry is typically divided into three major components: upstream, midstream, as well as downstream. It is worth noting that DCP Midstream LP is a midstream company. So, it doesn’t explore or produce natural gas. The company transports, stores, and markets natural gas. 

Another option is Ovintiv Inc. It produces natural gas, natural gas liquids, oil as well as condensate. It prides itself on generating free cash flow. Last year, Ovintiv Inc. announced a buyback of millions of shares. The above-mentioned company also has a dividend yield of 2.43%. 

We shouldn’t forget about Coterra Energy Inc. as well. As opposed to DCP Midstream LP, Coterra Energy Inc. is an upstream oil and gas company. One interesting fact: Coterra Energy Inc. was created by the merger of Cabot Oil & Gas and Cimarex Energy. 

At the moment, the company operates in the Marcellus Shale in northeast Pennsylvania, Permian Basin in Texas, etc.

Best Growth Natural Gas Stocks

One helpful tip: Growth stocks are those that tend to make money for investors as they appreciate in price over time. When it comes to growth stocks, it is better to pick growth stocks that will grow faster compared to the overall economy. 

Unsurprisingly, when looking at growth stocks, you want to choose those that will grow faster than the overall economy. 

One good option is EQT Corp. It is a very successful company. Just imagine we are talking about the largest producer of natural gas in the United States. It wants to replace international coal with domestic natural gas. Do you know why? Because the company wants to tackle climate change. 

Option number two is Southwestern Energy Co. It is a natural gas exploration and production company. Southwestern Energy Co. focuses on developing natural gas as well as natural gas liquids in Pennsylvania and other places. The above-mentioned company also transports oil, natural gas, as well as natural gas liquids. 

Now, we can discuss momentum stocks. 

We can finish this article with the Antero Resources Corp. So, let’s take a look at Antero Resources Corp.

 It is an exploration and production company for natural gas, natural gas liquids, as well as oil. What’s interesting is that it operates in the Appalachian Basin. Last but not least, Antero Resources Corp. provides midstream services through Antero Midstream.

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