Stranger Things: The Music, Style and Pop Culture of the 80s

Stranger Things: The Music, Style and Pop Culture of the 80s


Stranger Things is a science fiction-horror streaming television series created by the Duffer Brothers. It premiered on Netflix in 2016 and has since released four seasons.

The series is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s and follows the adventures of a group of friends as they uncover supernatural mysteries and government conspiracies.

The Music

The series features an iconic 80s-inspired soundtrack that includes classic hits from the era and an original score composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.

The music plays an important role in the series, often used to set the mood and tone of a scene, and adding to the nostalgia and atmosphere of the series.

The Style

The series features a distinct 80s style, from the fashion and hairstyles of the characters to the design of the sets and props.

The style of the series captures the nostalgia of the era, drawing inspiration from the pop culture and fashion of the 1980s.

Pop Culture References

The series is filled with references to the pop culture of the 80s, including films, television, and music.

These references serve as a way to connect the audience to the nostalgia of the era and add to the series’ overall atmosphere.

The Influence of the 80s

The series’ setting in the 1980s has a significant influence on the story and the characters.

The events of the era, such as the Cold War and the rise of technology, play a role in the series’ plot and adds to the series’ science fiction elements.


The music, style, and pop culture references of the 80s are integral elements of Stranger Things. The series’ creative team effectively used them to create an immersive atmosphere and a nostalgic trip to the past. The series draws inspiration from the era and its pop culture, making it relatable and enjoyable for audiences of all ages. The influence of the 80s on the story and the characters adds depth and complexity to the series, making it a unique and captivating experience.

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