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What’s the importance of server location?

What's the importance of server location

If we talk about hosting, the location of the server matters more than most people think. The same factor is usually ignored, but can have an influence over the website performance. Here’s what you should know about it!

Speed and performance

Whether you prefer a shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server, the data center needs to be close to customers. The more distance there is, the slower data transfers. On the other hand, having a computer in the same country allows fast time responses and an optimal loading. Keep in mind people aren’t as patient as they used to be when the internet was born. 

In fact, most won’t even give your brand a chance if your content doesn’t show up in 3 seconds or less. Make sure you adapt to these standards, because your reputation is on the line. If you have a business that targets visitors in Poland, you’d prefer dedicated servers in Poland. The same concept is available for any country, 

Search engine optimization

The impact of server location on SERP is still a controversial topic. Nobody knows for sure if there’s a direct influence, but many believe the results can change based on this factor. Improvements take place especially because you increase page speed and reduce bounce rate. 

Since visitors stay more active on pages, this is a sign of credibility for search engines. Website owners should also set a country target in their webmaster tools and use a related TLD. For instance, you might buy a .uk domain for the United Kingdom or .de for Germany. The only exception is when you target users from all over the world. If that’s the case, you will use an additional CDN service.

Privacy policy

The online privacy policy is different in each country, so it’s important to know what the laws are in the respective region. Although you can’t store prohibited content anywhere, you should see if the server location is suitable for your goals. 

Global concerns about data privacy and cybersecurity have resulted in many businesses moving from countries like the US. Some places also adopted data localization laws. In an ideal scenario, your location should be as close to your audience as possible. Doing so means great performance and higher ranking on search engines.

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