Why Is Oracle Testing So Important?

Why Is Oracle Testing So Important?

With Oracle middleware at the heart of your application integration strategy, changing this infrastructure can have heartbreaking consequences. A migration to a new platform or a new version of the platform is even more precarious as new version features can have undiscovered effects. By using simulation technologies (service virtualization) and automated API testing technologies (service) in these scenarios, the risk associated with changes or migration can be drastically reduced.

There are three main challenges to ensuring that Oracle middleware achieves the goals associated with system reliability, security, and performance:

A complete end-to-end exercise  workflow is hampered by the high number and complexity of system dependencies involved in a typical end-to-end transaction.

Continuous Testing of This Workflow  System development or migration is complicated by the challenge of creating, initiating, and evaluating tests for such a specialized environment.

Realistic Performance for Dependent Applications  This is difficult to achieve in a test environment due to access limitations and system complexity, but it is critical to achieve thorough and accurate validation prior to deployment for more effective optimization.

The comprehensive API solution for API testing (service) and service virtualization (lab management) offers extensive support for working in Oracle ecosystems and allows you to effectively Oracle test middleware during integration and further development.

What is included in Oracle testing?

Oracle testing comprises the observation of the operation of an application in various artificially created situations. Thus, they test the performance, level of protection and ease of use of the program.

Main tasks of Oracle test:

  1. identify errors and quickly eliminate them;
  2. check the conformity of the product with the declared requirements;
  3. evaluate the quality of the work of developers;
  4. get the information you need to make further decisions.

The data obtained during the Oracle test is important in planning the subsequent development strategy of the application. This is a kind of diagnostic that affects many further actions. Refusing this stage is the same as going to the doctor and saying: “Doctor, what are all these examinations for? Let’s get started right away!”

The second point: it is difficult to imagine a programmer who writes code perfectly. A person is not a machine, and it is unrealistic to keep absolutely everything in memory. The world’s largest Internet giants, such as Google, Sony or Facebook, are looking for and hiring the most advanced programmers from around the world. And even they sometimes make mistakes – in the news every now and then there are news about vulnerabilities, leaks of user personal data and other bugs in the system. Therefore, checks and possible corrections should be taken as an obligatory and most common process in the IT industry.


Opkey offers no code continuous test automation platform that is simple to use and built for change. By automating oracle testing, the company empowers the businesses to keep pace with release schedules, reduce risk and ensure business continuity.

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