XRP Crashes to $0.0001 on Bitrue, Liquidating Long Positions

XRP Crashes to $0.0001 on Bitrue, Liquidating Long Positions


On August eleven, 2020, the cryptocurrency marketplace turned into rocked when XRP crashed to an all-time low of $zero.0001 on the Bitrue trade. The prolonged sell-off noticed liquidations of lengthy positions, as investors scrambled to stop their losses. The unexpected dive became resulting from an oversupply of XRP, sending shockwaves thru the crypto international. In this newsletter, we are able to talk why XRP crashed, the effects of the crash, and potential solutions to this issue.

I. Overview of XRP Crash

The XRP token is the 0.33-biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and it’s miles used as a bridge among fiat currencies and virtual property. It allows for fast, stable, and occasional-fee transactions. On August 11, 2020, XRP prices crashed to a brand new low of $0.0001 on the Bitrue alternate, before improving slightly. This induced liquidations of lengthy positions, as traders have been pressured to shut them before similarly losses had been incurred.

II. Cause of the XRP Crash

The foremost motive of the XRP crash has been attributed to an inflow of latest tokens being launched onto the marketplace, which brought on an boom inside the wide variety of XRP tokens and an oversupply. This immoderate deliver of tokens drove expenses down, and compounded by using low call for, in addition exacerbated the crash. Additionally, Bitrue’s machine allegedly did no longer take suitable precautionary measures, ensuing in XRP charges going undetected and finally crashing. 

III. Impact of the XRP Crash

The crash has precipitated primary losses for investors, as some were not able to close their positions fast sufficient leading to their lengthy positions being liquidated. Furthermore, long-time period holders of XRP have also had to endure the outcomes, because the price of XRP has no longer yet absolutely recovered to its unique degree. This has left some feeling frustrated and disenchanted with the kingdom of the marketplace.

IV. Potential Solutions to the XRP Crash

One ability method to the difficulty is to put in force stricter regulations and guidelines so that you can prevent further crashes. This includes imposing better chance management practices, inclusive of adjusting fee thresholds and introducing new safety nets. Additionally, cryptocurrency exchanges ought to also make certain that they’re frequently tracking the marketplace and taking appropriate steps to reduce losses from market crashes. 

V. Conclusion

The crash of XRP on Bitrue due to an influx of latest tokens and an oversupply inside the market has had essential implications for each buyers and holders of XRP. While the effects are nevertheless being felt, there are steps that can be taken to try to save you similar events from going on in the destiny. Through greater stringent rules, higher hazard management practices, and multiplied marketplace surveillance, the market can be made more stable for buyers and holders alike.

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