What the hell is Apple’s butterfly keyboard?

What the hell is Apple’s butterfly keyboard?

Apple’s butterfly keyboard is a form of keyboard that changed into introduced in the MacBook in 2015. It is thought for its particular layout, which makes use of a butterfly mechanism that is specific from the conventional scissor-transfer mechanism utilized in most laptop keyboards. In this post, we’ll take a step-through-step observe what the butterfly keyboard is and why it has been so arguable.


The butterfly keyboard become designed to be thinner and extra responsive than the conventional scissor-switch keyboard. It functions a mechanism that uses a metal dome-formed piece with a spring-like tension, which permits for a shorter keystroke distance and extra strong key presses. The layout of the butterfly keyboard additionally allowed Apple to make thinner laptops, which become a chief selling point for the MacBook.

Initial Reception

When the butterfly keyboard changed into first brought, it became met with mixed opinions. Some users praised the keyboard’s low-profile layout and advanced typing revel in, even as others criticized it for its loss of key travel and balance. Despite the blended reception, Apple persevered to use the butterfly keyboard in its MacBook lineup for numerous years.

Reliability Issues

In 2017, reports started to emerge of reliability issues with the butterfly keyboard. Users had been reporting that keys were sticking or no longer registering keystrokes in any respect. Apple recounted the problem and tried to cope with it with software program updates, but the hassle persisted. Eventually, Apple applied a restore software that supplied loose repairs for affected MacBook keyboards.

Class Action Lawsuits

The reliability issues with the butterfly keyboard led to numerous magnificence motion complaints in opposition to Apple. The lawsuits alleged that Apple knew about the troubles with the keyboard but persevered to promote and market the affected MacBook models with out disclosing the troubles to customers.

The End of the Butterfly Keyboard

In 2019, Apple introduced that it’d be discontinuing the butterfly keyboard and changing it with a brand new scissor-switch keyboard. The new keyboard turned into delivered within the MacBook Pro 16-inch and has received high quality opinions from users and critics alike.

Replacement Program

In addition to the restore program, Apple also carried out a keyboard alternative program for affected MacBook fashions. The program allowed customers to get their keyboard changed free of rate if it experienced positive issues, such as sticky or non-responsive keys.

Improved Keyboard Design

After the discontinuation of the butterfly keyboard, Apple brought a brand new scissor-transfer keyboard that become designed to cope with the troubles with the butterfly keyboard. The new keyboard functions a redesigned mechanism that lets in for extra key travel and stability, at the same time as still retaining a low profile.

User Satisfaction

The new scissor-switch keyboard has been nicely acquired through customers, who admire the advanced typing revel in and reliability. In a current survey carried out via TechRepublic, over 70% of respondents rated the keyboard as “top” or “exceptional.”

Future Keyboard Designs

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Apple’s keyboard designs. The agency is understood for its dedication to innovation and pushing the bounds of what’s feasible. It’s possible that we may want to see a very new type of keyboard in destiny MacBook fashions, or perhaps an evolution of the scissor-switch design.


In conclusion, the butterfly keyboard become a unique and modern layout that presented a thinner and extra responsive typing enjoy. However, its reliability troubles and controversy led to its discontinuation and replacement with a extra traditional scissor-switch keyboard. While the butterfly keyboard may have been a misstep for Apple, it in the long run caused enhancements in keyboard layout and reliability for destiny MacBook fashions.

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